Recover Deleted or Formatted Photos with Wondershare Photo Recovery Tool

Pictures plays a very important role in our life. It memorizes the special moments of life and allows us to share those moments with others. Almost everyone of us have the hobby of clicking pictures and videos every now and then. However, sometime it happens that the special photographs or recorded videos gets lost due to various human or logical errors. The pictures becomes inaccessible and makes us disheartened. It is always difficult to lose the memory of special moments. In such case, Wondershare Picture Recovery Tool is very useful to recover the deleted, formatted or inaccessible videos once again.

Introduction to Wondershare Photo Recovery Software:

Wondershare Picture Recovery Tool is a very contemporary and sophisticated application that has the capability to repair and recover all kinds of formatted or corrupted videos. It has very powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics that allows it to scan each and every sections of memory and recover the lost photos and videos files quickly. In addition, it has very rich graphical user interface, making it very easy for the users to use the application.

Supportable Photo File Formats

The advanced picture recovery tool supports various photo file formats such as Bmp, Tiff,Cr2, Kdc, Nef, Gif, Jpg,jpeg, png and several others. It is able to restore deleted, formatted and even corrupted photos. It is a read only utility that recovers the photos file in same file format and picture quality. It allows the users to save the recovered photos files in the desired location.

Supported Video File Format

The highly sophisticated picture recovery tool not only recovers picture files but is also capable to recover videos of all file format such as Asf, Wmv, Avi, Mov and many others. The quality of recovered video files is amazing.


Supportable Audio file Formats

The powerful recovery tool supports all kinds of audio file format such as MP3, WAV, MIDI, AIFF, and many others. It can recover the lost audios very quickly. The whole process of audio recover is very fast, safe and secure.

Supporting Memory Cards

The automatic picture recovery tool can easily restore your damaged and deleted videos, audios and picture files from all types of memory cards such as MMC, XD, XD, SDHC, CF, micro and mini SD and many others.

Supportable Digital Camera Brands

The highly advanced Wondershare photo recovery tool recover deleted and damaged pictures, videos as well as audio files from various brands of digital camera such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Kodak, Minolta and many others.

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User Guide for Mac

Wondershare Photo Recovery:User Guide for Mac

Step 1:-Choose Recovery Mode

Two recovery options deleted recovery and deep recovery will be displayed on the screen. To restore photosin Mac drive including HFS file system, select deleted recovery mode. If you select Deep recovery mode, it will scan Mac hard drive and restore your images on various file system such as FAT, NTFS, HFS+ etc.

Step 2:- select Specific File Location and File Type

Here, you have to select the specific target device from where you want to restore pictures. Also select the desired specific file type which you are looking to retrieve. After selecting the file type, click Next and start the scanning process

Step 3:-Preview and Restore

The last step is to see the preview of images that can be recovered. Here you can see whole lists of recovered items from which you can select according to your need.

User Guide for Windows

Wondershare Photo Recovery:User Guide for Windows

Install Wondershare Photo Recovery software with quick wizard installation process

Step 1-

Select the drive or partition where data got deleted. You can select the desired location from the list of partitions on the drive, or other storage media from which your lost files were located.

After selecting the partition, click on Scan to start the scanning process. You will get the option to pause or stop the scanning process in mid, however, to get the best result,allow the scanning to complete till the end.

Step 2:-Get the Files you need, as per your choice

Once the scanning process gets completed then a list of all recovered items will open in which you can select the particular files which you want to restore. You will also have the option to see the preview of the recovered items.

Step 3:-Select a location to store the recoverable items

To store the recoverable files, you will have to select a specific destination in your system. It is suggested to choose a location other than the source one as there is a chance to overwrite the source data.